'Kourtney And Kim Take Miami': Scott Flirts With Khloe (VIDEO)

On “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami,” Kourtney’s baby daddy and boyfriend Scott was feeling neglected. Sexually neglected. Apparently Kourtney and Scott hadn’t done anything since the birth of their second child.

And when Scott and Khloe went out for ice cream, Khloe noticed that Scott was being extra touchy-feely and making everything super sexual.

“This is just getting really weird,” Khloe commented.

“You’re really working that cone, Khlo. You’re a very sexual eater,” Scott countered.

"It’s ice cream,” Khloe replied. “Scott clearly does not think that there’s boundaries between me and him and it’s, it’s a little overwhelming. I don’t really know how to handing it at this point,” she continued.

The Stir called the whole thing “creepy,” but not shocking. “It's obvious Scott doesn't actually want to hook up with Khloe, but he wouldn't take no for an answer,” they wrote.

Still, E! said it was all a little TMI and probably never needed to happen.

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