Kourtney Kardashian Says She's Her Birthday Party's 'Most Interesting To Look At'

The eldest Kardashian sister threw a dig at sibling Kim with engraved bottles of Don Julio and napkins poking fun at last year's fight between them.

Kourtney Kardashian turned the Big 4-0 this week and celebrated with a playful dig at her younger sister, Kim Kardashian.

At her over-the-top birthday bash on Thursday, the eldest Kardashian gave out custom engraved bottles of Don Julio tequila. Kim Kardashian shared an image on her Instagram story of one bottle in particular that touted Kourtney as the “most interesting to look at.”

Fans of the sisters’ reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” will remember that line from a now-infamous fight between Kourtney and Kim in 2018 over their family holiday card. The sisters got into a heated blow-up over a photo shoot for the card, culminating with Kourtney storming off. 

Once she’d left, Kim told sister Khloe that Kourtney shouldn’t “be so fucking annoying with a stick up her ass, like she runs this shit because she doesn’t. She is the least-exciting to look at.”

The line has since become a trademark Kardashian insult, so it’s not surprising that a member of the KarJenner clan would use an iteration to celebrate themselves.

Kourtney went even further for her birthday extravaganza, putting the phrase on napkins scattered around the shindig. 

In the Instagram video showing the napkins, you can hear Kourtney asking Kim if she saw that they read “most interesting to look at.”

Kim playfully answers as the camera pans up and down Kourtney, showing off her outfit: “Damn, well tonight you are, honey.”