Kourtney Kardashian Reacts To Getting Trolled For Posting ‘Nasty’ Bathroom Food Pics

The reality star shut down backlash over a controversial snapshot, telling fans it was all in the name of veganism.

Kourtney Kardashian is catching heat from social media users after sharing a photo of a smorgasbord in a bathroom.

On Tuesday, the reality TV star posted a photo dump that included a picture of a tiled bathroom floor covered with plates of food.

In one aerial snapshot, various dishes can be seen surrounding a bathtub full of pink, bubbly water. There’s an array of fruits and desserts, an apparent bucket of champagne and what appears to be a nibbled-on burger sitting on the toilet.

Some of Kardashian’s 216 million followers wasted no time firing up the comments section under the photo, slamming the Poosh founder for the bathroom set-up.

“Food on the toilet, that’s nasty,” one user wrote alongside a nauseated face emoji.

Another wrote, “That bathroom scene is what nightmares are made of.”

“Putting a burger on her toilet?? I’m calling the police! That is sick fr,” someone else said.

Predictably, some fans also stepped in to defend Kardashian.

“People are commenting about food in the bathroom but you take your phone in the bathroom and then have it at the table taking pics of your food … same difference. Let Kourt live!” one person argued.

Another wrote, “Lmao people talking about food in the bath like your toilet isn’t in the same room as your tub … You’ve never ordered room service and ate it in the tub? Then you aren’t truly living my friend.”

Kardashian quickly addressed the commotion on Instagram. Resharing the bathtub pic, she wrote, “the comments about this photo” next to a series of swirly-eyed emojis.

She then clarified that the food-filled bathroom pics were behind-the-scenes images from a photo shoot last year with Ellen Von Unwerth for the plant-based chicken brand Daring.

In June, Kardashian posed in the ad campaign alongside Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker just two days after the pair eloped in Las Vegas, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Elsewhere in the campaign, a lingerie-clad Kardashian and Barker can be seen devouring food in a hotel bed and cuddling up while eating vegan fried chicken from a bucket in a limousine.

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