'Kourtney & Kim Take New York': Kim Kardashian Calls Khloe A Troll, Freaks Out (VIDEO)

If "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" is all about rehabilitating Kim's image in the wake of her marriage disaster with Kris Humphries, Sunday night's episode didn't do much to help the cause. The victim of this Kim outburst, however, was not her soon-to-be-ex, but her sister, Khloe.

The youngest of the original trio of Kardashian gals, Khloe played a major part in the latest episode of the new season. Recently named one half of one of the happiest celebrity couples of the year, she's the only Kardashian sister with a successful marriage, and so she was doing her best to bestow wisdom and counseling upon her two older sisters. Kourtney needed guidance with an argument over a trip to the Hamptons with Scott Disick (the horror!), while Kim was having trouble with her living situation with Kris.

Well, her non-living situation, anyway; he was in Minnesota, while she was living in New York.

All the help in the world, however, couldn't make up for Khloe's cardinal sin: waking Kim up early (it was her one f*cking day to sleep in!). That earned a massive freakout from the middle sister, as well as a pointed, hurtful email calling Khloe a troll. It doesn't get much better, either; while Kris decides to come to New York (for a little while, anyway), the sister fight still rages (on TV, of course, since none of this is actual reality).