28 Times Kovu From 'The Lion King II' Made You Want To Say Meow

Move over, Simba.

Remember Kovu, the insanely attractive feline from "The Lion King II" who sent the prepubescent hearts of America into a frenzy? Of course you do. It's almost like, "Simba who?" lol *petting my cat*

Ever since Kovu graced the world with his presence in 1998, it's been pretty hard to forget about Disney's hottest king of the jungle. And if you did, somehow, weirdly, manage to forget ... well, that's what we're here for.

So dim the lights, crank up the volume, and get ready to feel the love tonight. See what we did there? You're welcome.

Let's first get the obvious out of the way. Yes, ladies and gents, this is a cartoon lion. Yes, this is pretty weird.


Exhibit A: Just look at this guy. Sweet baby bunnies, have you ever seen such purrfection?! No, you haven't.

Walt Disney Pictures

He basically steals your heart right from the beginning. You're all like, "Wait this is a cartoon lion," but also like, "Kovu is amazing."

This is what people are referring to when they talk about love at first sight.

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When his big green eyes sparkle like two emerald planets in a sky full of stars, it's so mesmerizing you actually lose yourself in his gaze.

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And let's not forget his sexy-ass smolder. That thing is powerful. Careful or you might get pregnant!*

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Despite Kovu being somewhat of a juvenile delinquent, his bad boy swag is a major turn on.

When Simba bans Kovu from his kingdom it's a total cat-astrophe, but it made Kovu even hotter because who doesn't lust for what they can't have?

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Oh, and that scar across his eye? SO badass.

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Kovu is proof that the power of love can turn any bad guy good. He doesn't follow in evil Scar's footsteps paw prints and alway does the right thing,

Nuzzling up against him is probably cozier than taking a nap on the fluffiest cloud in heaven.

Not to mention this hottie gets major bonus points for being a cuddler. Uh, #Goals!?

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Back in the day, when Kovu was just a wee little cub, he had the raddest mohawk. It takes a real hunk to pull off that edgy 'do.

Walt Disney Pictures

That smug look of mischief on his face is just too cute to handle.

Walt Disney Pictures

When Kovu gets angry it's equal parts terrifying and captivating. Like, you're scared but also weirdly turned on by his manliness.

Walt Disney Pictures

Have you ever seen a more charming smile in your life? Come on, be real for a second.

Walt Disney Pictures

Look at him, all pensive. This creature is a MASTERPIECE.

Walt Disney Pictures

Even when he's down in the dumps and feeling sorry for himself, he still looks majestic as all hell.

Plus, every moment with Kovu is an adventure. He sure knows how to show a gal a good time.

This feisty lion has no problem laying the moves on Kiara, like HOT DAMN. Did your heart just skip a beat? Do you need a purramedic?

Remember when he basically told Kiara to run away and make babies with him?! Literally all your mother wants for you. She just told you over Thanksgiving!

That adorable look of surprise on his face when Kiara kisses him is so endearing it hurts.

And the way he looks at his girl like she's the most precious thing in the world is essentially the definition of relationship goals.

His ferocious roar is so bold and powerful it can make a strong woman weak in the knees.

Lest you forget, this lion eventually becomes king so dating him technically makes you queen.

Walt Disney Pictures

He'll make you believe in a love so deep you'll have butterflies in and outside your stomach.

Walt Disney Pictures

Forget that Kiara chick. This is about YOU and YOUR boo thang Kovu.

Just think about all the fun activities you could do together!

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You could stargaze and talk about your future. Kovu isn't afraid of commitment. Full on boyfriend material.

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