KPCC Pledge Drive Parody Video Shows Radio Hosts Losing Their Minds

KPCC's annual fall pledge drive just ended last week, and faithful Southern California public radio listeners are breathing a sigh of relief.

Yes, it is pretty annoying to have to sit through yet another segment of fundraising (especially if you're a longtime sustainer!), but have you ever considered how stressful it is for the radio hosts? In the parody video below, gives viewers a sneak peek into how traumatic it is to beg for $5 a month so that a local businessman can match that donation for a total of $10,000.

Warning: the video contains a lot more f-words than your average public radio segment.

Real-life KPCC host Alex Cohen responded to the parody, correcting them for getting her sex and show wrong.

But the KPCC show Off-Ramp was a little more forgiving.

Maybe the next time a pledge drive rolls around, you'll remember this video and actually make a donation instead of switching stations.



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