K-POFF: Taking The Music Into His Own Hands

Taking The Music Into His Own Hands

Meet Kyle Poffenbarger, aka Kyle Poff or K-POFF. His friends shortened his name because no one can ever seem to pronounce his real last name. For Kyle making music has been a life-long love affair.

The South Florida native says that perseverance is a necessity in the music world--and--while he has not made it big, K-Poff has almost made it places. He made it past the internet try-outs for the X-Factor but did not make the cut. K-Poff has also been photographed by celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz after winning a 2011 photo contest. K-Poff has the personality and the drive to make it in the music world, however, he understands that success is an uphill battle made of patience, perseverance and learning.

Since high school, K-Poff has played around with editing video and making his own music--and just the other day he dropped his first completely produced single.

"I started teaching myself, just a little over 6 months ago. I originally wanted to release more singles of my own at first, but I came across the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball a capella, and I decided to play with it for practice," says K-Poff.

Luckily, Kyle found an excellent beat that suited the song and style he was going for, and was able to produce the entire remix in under a week.

"I decided to release that first, since her name would obviously draw in more attention than just mine alone and possibly create more of a buzz, so people would really see that I can make music and I'm not just some phony," says K-Poff.

According to Kyle, his target audience is rather diverse, which is represented through his music.

"The projects I've been working on all sound completely different from one another. I have a Hard hitting Dubstep song I'm working on, as well as a Mid-Tempo ballad that I'm almost finished with, to my most recent release of Dance/Electro," say Kyle.

Whatever the genre, Kyle is very passionate about his art, even if he is still at the point of trying to get noticed.

"I just love music, I don't discriminate. I do what I love and that's really all there is to it," he says.

To listen to some of Kyle's work visit his Sound Cloud or visit his website.