'Kraken' Sea Monster Spotted Off Antarctica On Google Earth Is Almost Certainly Just A Rock

Sorry, that "massive disturbance" isn't what you think it is.

Is it a Kraken? The Loch Ness Monster's icy cousin? Cthulhu waking up to run for president?

Try none of the above.

A video going viral shows a "massive disturbance" in the ocean near Antarctica. Indeed, a quick search of Google Earth does reveal something in a dark patch of sea near Deception Island:


Measurements in the clip show the main portion of the "thing" to be about 75 feet across, creating a disturbance that is several hundred feet wide.

However, it's not a sea monster. The waters in the area are known for rocks, and this one appears to be a feature called Sail Rock.

Andrew David Thaler of Southern Fried Science posted a nautical chart showing the location of the rock as well as an image of the rock itself. The rock is nearly 100 feet tall, and it's located in the same place as "the thing" on Google Maps.

Eagle-eyed Google Earth viewers occasionally spot unusual features on land and at sea, but most turn out to have mundane explanations. In one of the most widely publicized incidents, some people claimed that they had found evidence of the lost city of Atlantis. Google later said it was a data artifact, and "Atlantis" vanished from the images during a 2012 upgrade.

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