KRANE's New Album 'Fallout' is a Celebration of Sound (Exclusive Premiere)

Sure, it’s Friday Oct. 27th and everyone is getting ready for Halloween weekend. But there’s one thing you’ll need to do before your ghoulishly good time. What is that, you ask? Check out KRANE’s new album, Fallout, exclusively premiering here on HuffPost.

KRANE, on the LA-based Dim Mak label, is known for his unique take on electronic, hip-hop & dance music, and the Northern California-native’s jazz upbringing and modern perspective has allowed him to remain an evolving musician. Born Zachary Krane, the producer is starting to make waves.

From KRANE on the new album:

Much of my personal sound and background, developed over the years of listening to and creating music, is represented in this album. It also draws widely from not only music, but also the aesthetics of movies, television and literature I love. But FALLOUT is as much a celebration of where my sound is today as it is a recognition that I will leave part of it behind now that this album is in the wild. After putting together this collection, I know I cannot repeat it, and I have to say good bye to part of myself as a producer in pursuit of newness. That is a source of ambivalence- the pride in sharing something I’ve put so much into, and the recognition that by putting these parts of myself out into the world, I have to let them go now. 

KRANE has quickly reached bigger heights than planned. After leaving his full-time job, the early days of hosting demos online grew into a number of successful singles, remixes.

The Oakland based producer has worked with a number of artists from Dillon Francis to A-trak to Bebe Rexha, and recent remixes for Baauer, Jai Wolf, Vince Staples and more also showcase the demand for his productions and remixes.

Looking for a new live show to experience? KRANE’s energy is engaging and he’s hit stages across the US, many times over. There are whispers of a tour in the works and be sure to hit up his Brownies & Lemonade Halloween party on 10/31.

Personally, the first track gets me. Chemical featuring Ahsha & Lemay lurks on your ears addictively dancing around until hitting you with the drop, executing on the big trap and bass sounds that had been teased in the moments leading up.

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