KRDO Weather Reporter Gets Frustrated, Curses (VIDEO)

This post has been updated.

A local news weather reporter for ABC's KRDO Colorado got visibly frustrated during a pre-taped report on Wednesday and had a rather surprising outburst. The pre-taped report was mistakenly aired.

Everything seemed to be going fine as KRDO's weather reporter took viewers through a storm heading north and east across the Centennial State. The graphic on the screen changed rapidly and she suddenly announced, "Son of a bitch—why is this happening?!" She proceeded to walk off set and speak to someone off camera.

A KRDO producer told The Huffington Post that the meteorologist was sick and pre-taped the weather segments. Her comments were directed at what the producer called "failing equipment." The segment was not intended for air however ran due to what the producer called an "editing mistake."

This KRDO weather reporter is not the first to make such an on air gaffe. Who can forget the local weather reporter who mistakenly used the word "asshole" when he meant to say "asphalt?" Or, the Denver weather reporter who complimented his colleague's "hooters" instead of "Hoosiers?"

Update: This post originally stated that the reporter said, "son of a bitch, why is this happening!?" live on air. A producer from KRDO clarified that the statement was made during a pre-taped segment that was not meant for air. It aired due to an "editing mistake."



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