Kreayshawn Racist Tweets Go Viral, Rapper Claims She Was Hacked

Oakland-based rapper Kreayshawn claims she awoke to quite a surprise on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday night, Twitter exploded with racist retweets, allegedly sourced from the Gucci Gucci rapper's account.

Unsurprisingly, the retweets quickly poured across the Internet, and were trending within hours.

In the morning, an equally questionable apology made the rounds: "Gm guys, last nite hacked my page, i am sorry, i love FRIED CHICKEN! Forgive me."

Kreayshawn quickly denounced the retweets, claiming they were all fake. While her account is usually private, the rapper unlocked it to issue the following statement:

just woke up. I would never say some wack ass shit like that.. their fake retweets. THEIR FAKE RETWEETS.

I really hate twitter that's why I blocked my tweets. Damn near bout to give my account up to my record label and have them tweet for me.

But is the damage control too little, too late? Fellow tweeters wasted no time attacking the rapper with tweets like "Let's pour out liquor for Kreayshawn's career" and "Kreayshawn is really Rush Limbaugh in drag."

The incident is sadly only the latest Twitter misstep for Kreayshawn. In August, the young rapper expressed outrage when someone hacked her account and leaked nude photos of her -- photos that Kreayshawn claimed were taken when she was a minor. "Real nice guys! Spreading child-porno that's cute," she fumed. Sounds like Kreayshawn's Twitter swag is turning into a bad romance.

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