Kreayshawn To Cover VMA Red Carpet For

Meet Your New Red Carpet Fashion Expert

When we curl up on the couch on Sunday night, hurricane raging outside our windows, we'll be greeted with the ever-friendly face of Kreayshawn, who has the distinguished role of covering the red carpet for MTV's Video Music Awards.

Announced by MTV, Kreayshawn's role will be to host the network's Red Carpet Report for The "Gucci, Gucci" breakout star told, "I can harass celebrities about what they're wearing, what they ate before they got to the carpet, all sorts of funny stuff."

She can also rub elbows with her competitors, as the female rapper is nominated for Best New Artist.

While some may protest that she's not exactly a style expert, Kreayshawn has been embraced by the fashion world. The 21-year-old earned a spot alongside models like Gisele and Lindsey Wixson on the covers of i-D's Pre-Fall 2011 issue.

And, of course, her hit song is all about designer labels. As Kreayshawn told Stylelist:

"Gucci Gucci" was basically, like, me moving to L.A., seeing the typical girl that dresses all prissy, and I call them basic b*tches. You know people think it's a song that's going after Gucci's neck or something like that and it's not. You can wear it but don't let it define you. Honestly if a girl's wearing, like, a Gucci shirt with a Gucci belt and a purse and a visor, that's not cute at all. You can't get away with that -- with me --but you can always sprinkle it in there with your own stuff and it's all good.

Now that is the kind of girl we want dishing on red carpet style. Move over, Joan Rivers -- Kreayshawn is here.