Two Fan Girls Go Crazy While In Kris Humphries' Hotel Room (WATCH)

Who is Shell Merci?

That's a question Kim Kardashian likely wants to know, after photos and videos of two girls partying in a hotel room that appears to belong to her and then-husband Kris Humphries emerged on @shellmerci's Twitter, via MediaTakeOut.

Curiously, the Twitter account seems to have been created for the sole purpose of bragging about the incident, with a mere 11 Tweets all posted on September 23rd -- one month before Kardashian filed for divorce from Humphries. What's more, each Tweet giddily references the reality TV stars before documenting what the user behind the account claims is their private space.

"omgggg crazy night last night" the Twitter account begins, then provides evidentiary videos of the "crazy night": two girls facing a mobile camera and barely containing their excitement as someone who appears to be Humphries passes by behind them. Things get a little creepier when one of the girls pose on a hotel bed for a picture ("on kims bed!") and a picture of a closet ("kim and kris's closet!! ohhh my god!!!") is posted.

Silly or not, looks like these girls are having the last laugh forever on the internets: the final Tweet from our new friend is simply "hahahahhahah," followed by a picture of the girls holding a monographed towel with the initials "KH" stitched large.