Kris Humphries Claims He Has Proof He Was Set Up To Be The Bad Guy

Kris Humphries Claims He Has Proof He Was Set Up To Be The Bad Guy

If you watched the last season of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York," you might have thought to yourself that Kris Humphries came across as immature and aggressive, or maybe even a little homophobic and more than a little stupid.

We all know that reality shows like the Kardashian franchise take hours of mind-numbingly boring footage and piece together a storyline that likely bears little resemblance to what actually occurred in real life. We also know that producers often give cast members little hints about what to say or how to act, to make sure there's some drama worth watching.

The soon-to-be ex-Mr. Kim Kardashian is not pleased with the way he was portrayed on the show and believes the Kardashians set him up to look like the bad guy -- especially when it came to antagonizing Kim's best friend Jonathan Cheban about his sexual orientation. Cheban later accused Humphries of homophobia and even threaten lawsuits.

RadarOnline is reporting that Humphries has proof that incidents like the one with Cheban are all part of a series of set-ups designed to put Kim in a better light, and he believes this will help prove their entire 72-day marriage was a sham.

In the divorce depositions that will begin in June, Humphries lawyers plan to ask Kim about how producers of the reality show instructed Kris in an email to ask Cheban about his sexuality, claims an insider source.

"Kris has written proof that he was instructed to ask Jonathan the very personal questions ... It's Kris' contention that this only further provides proof that this relationship was far from real -- he was set up by producers to ask the question -- then made to look bad -- and the entire scenario was staged, it was methodically planned out, just like the rest of their time together it seems," the source told the website.

As the Kardashian-Humphries divorce drags on, one thing is for certain; it's going to get messy.

According to reports, Humphries' camp wants the depositions and subsequent court hearings videotaped for all to see. Though Kim, 31, is used to living her life in front of the camera, her divorce is not something she wants documented for public consumption.

The former couple is already arguing about everything from the validity of the marriage, to their wedding gifts -- including the $325,000 white Ferrari given to the couple as a wedding gift by a wealthy Malaysian businessman -- and even the engagement ring.

RadarOnline also reported that Kris wants back the 20-karat diamond ring, which reportedly cost $2 million. At last week's hearing, sources claimed Wasser referred to the ring when she mentioned a dispute over jewelry.

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