Kris Jenner Is 'Annoyed' That Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Aren't Getting Married

Rumors have been swirling that it's only a matter of time before Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get engaged now that they have a child together, but it can't come soon enough for the reality star's mother, Kris Jenner.

During an appearance on "The Talk" on Thursday, Jenner was asked if the new parents planned on getting married and if she was upset about it.

"No and no. They're not getting married -- that I know about it. Not right now, that I know," the 57-year-old momager told the ladies of "The Talk."

When asked why the couple isn't tying the knot, Jenner said she didn't know, adding that she wasn't sure why her other daughter Kourtney and her boyfriend Scott Disick, with whom she has two children, aren't getting married either.

"It's so annoying! I'm a little annoyed, sure. I think they all think they're Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn now," Jenner joked of the famous couple, who have been together for three decades, but never married.

Jenner told the show's hosts that she's tried to stay out of it when it comes to her kids' relationships:

"I've tried to just take a back seat, keep my mouth shut and learn that this is the way they're doing this. I don't know where they got this because I'm very old fashioned that way," she explained.

Given that Kim has been married twice already, it's not surprising that she's not rushing down the aisle again quite so soon.



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