Kris Jenner Headed To 'Dancing With The Stars'?

Now that the latest season of "Dancing with the Stars" has ended, producers are already busy trying to find celebrities to go pointed-toe-to-toe next season. And this time they've got their eye on the mother of all Kardashians -- Kris Jenner.

"They have already had Kim and brother Rob Kardashian on the show and now they are hoping to get mamma Kris to swing her hips," an insider told me. "Love them or hate them, the Kardashians bring a huge amount of media and buzz to anything they do and having Kris join the next show would be a smart and controversial move, which is exactly what this show loves to do."

In the past, "Dancing" hasn't shied away from casting divisive competitors -- Kate Gosselin, Bristol Palin and Chaz Bono, to name a few. Producers have done so with the knowledge that, when it comes to ratings, hate trumps indifference every time.

"They have already asked Robin Quivers from the 'Howard Stern Show' to join next season, but she has turned them down for a fourth time, saying she doesn't want to take that much time away from Howard," a source close to Stern's show told me. "So expect Kris to get her offer in the next few weeks."

Could Kris become the first Kardashian to take home the Mirror Ball? Stranger things have happened -- to Kardashians!

A look back at the cast of Season 3:

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