Kris Jenner Explains How She Dealt With Caitlyn Jenner's Transition

"Time is a wonderful healer."

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner recently sat down with Harper's Bazaar and discussed, among other things, how she dealt with her ex-partner Caitlyn Jenner's transition to live as her authentic self.

The 60-year-old manager and reality star got candid with the publication, saying that her faith in God got her through the significant change in her relationship with Caitlyn.

"I think at some point, although it was difficult and, uh, a challenge … I just have to let it go. And try to be tolerant," Kris said. "Prayer. God. You know, just trying to understand. It takes time. But time is a wonderful healer. And we have two children together. It's important for my kids to see our family strong and united."

Jenner also told Harper's Bazaar that Caitlyn's decision to transition never affected her understanding of her own identify. "Thank God, I never doubted myself. I just doubted the relationship. You know, what were those 20-plus years all about?"

Initially following Caitlyn's transition, Kris claimed that she was hurt by the way that Caitlyn treated the family, as captured on camera during an episode of the hit reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" that aired in September 2015. Kris told Caitlyn, "You're sensitive and amazing to all these new people in your life, you're just not so sensitive and amazing to the family that you left behind."

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