Kris Jenner Totally Face-Planted At Chrissy Teigen's Super Bowl Party

That'll leave a mark.

Two major things happened in the Kardashian family on Sunday: Kylie Jenner revealed she gave birth to a baby girl and Kris Jenner injured herself at Chrissy Teigen’s Super Bowl party. 

The Kardashian matriarch and momager took a spill at the supermodel’s house, crashing into ― and breaking ― Teigen’s table before face-planting on the couch.

Teigen documented the aftermath of the incident on Snapchat, while Jenner iced her hand next to the broken table. 

“If anyone’s in the market for a slightly used table, the Kris Jenner actually just fell into it. Excuse me ― it’s customized,” the “Lip Sync Battle” host said, while giggling. 

“It’s very, extremely valuable now,” Jenner added. “If anyone wants to make a bid on this, we’re willing to let it go.” 

Teigen pointed out the sharp edges on the table before zooming in on a stain on her couch. 

“Wait, Kris ― what happened here?” Teigen asked, while Jenner laughed.

“This is where I did a face plant,” Jenner said. “This is also very valuable.” 

Though Teigen’s party looked like a lot of fun, the 32-year-old, who is expecting her second child, tweeted that she was less than impressed with the Super Bowl this year.

At least she doesn’t have to worry about keeping Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy a secret anymore. Teigen played it very cool last week when Andy Cohen asked her about the 20-year-old’s unconfirmed baby news on “Watch What Happens Live.” 

“I won’t say anything about Kylie,” the supermodel said. Now that is the kind of secrecy that keeps Kris Jenner coming over for Super Bowl parties. 

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