Kris Jenner Facelift Lawsuit Gets Ugly As Kardashian Mom Countersues

Kris Jenner Files A Countersuit Over That Pre-Wedding Facelift

We all rolled our eyes when Kris Jenner got a facelift for her daughter Kim Kardashian's wedding. Kris is already a good-looking lady -- why couldn't she just embrace her age and natural beauty?

Had she done that, she'd also have avoided a particularly messy legal battle -- Jenner was sued because of the facelift and is now firing back with her own countersuit.

The lawsuit originated with B&P Company, Inc., the maker of anti-aging skincare line called Frownies. Kris was enlisted to promote the Frownies brand and one product in particular: the Beautiful Eyes Bag, a wrinkle treatment for deep lines around the eyes.

As you can imagine, Frownies was none too pleased with Jenner's highly publicized facelift and sued Kris for "destroying her ability to align with Frownies and destroying all endorsement credibility Kris Jenner had for natural, non-surgical skin care products."

But Jenner insists that that's simply not true: the facelift only affected her neck, not her eyes. So in the latest development, the reality TV mom has filed a countersuit against B&P, claiming that she did no wrong and that B&P is unfairly reneging on their contract.

According to TMZ, the judge has yet to issue a verdict. But it seems like everyone already got what they wanted: Frownies has gotten the free publicity and Kris got her face lifted. So let's all live happily ever after, OK?

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