Kris Jenner Psychological Evaluation: Documents Describe Reality Star As 'Narcissistic' & 'Manipulative'

Robert Kardashian's journals are the gift that just keeps on giving.

After the late lawyer's widow Ellen Kardashian sold his personal journals to In Touch magazine, wild accusations have flown freely, and the reality TV family hasn't taken it lying down.

Now come more shocking details in the form of a psychological evaluation taken during the time of Kris' divorce from Robert.

According to In Touch, the six-page report describes Kris as "demanding,” “manipulative” and having “a Cinderella attitude where situations resulted in everyone living ‘happily ever after.’” The report also goes on to describe the momager as "narcissistic… [with] a marked elevation of the narcissistic scale.”

Well color us shocked. Who would ever expect a reality TV star to be narcissistic or manipulative?

In Touch notes that the psych evaluation supports many of Robert Kardashian’s angry allegations of abuse that he supposedly wrote in his journals. The report also describes Robert as "impulsive when overwhelmed," and notes that Kris believed she was a good mother, that "her sense of self is based much more on fantasy than realistic considerations.”

The diaries' entries have also claimed that Jenner misspent Robert's money, stole his gun and never wanted children in the first place -- all of which Jenner's rep have said is "ridiculous and not true."

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