Kris Jenner Reveals She Didn't Want Kylie Jenner To Get Lip Injections

She also confirmed that she takes a standard 10 percent of her daughters' earnings as their momager.

When Kylie Jenner confirmed she'd gotten lip injections back in May, we can't say we were surprised. A question that did come up, however, was: Why did Kris Jenner let her 17-year-old daughter do it in the first place? 

Well, as it turns out, the Kardashian matriarch wasn't fully supportive of her daughter's decision. In an exclusive new interview with Access Hollywood, the 59-year-old momager told Billy Bush how she really felt about her youngest daughter's desire to change her appearance

"I get a little crazy -- and I think that is what no one sees -- and I do have definite thoughts and ideas or [ideas on] what she should do, you know, at a really young age," she said. "I am from the generation that, in my day, I mean, some of this stuff did not exist for sure but ... I don't think I did one thing, physically, to myself until I was in my 50s ... So I am thinking, why? Why? Why do you need to do that?"  

But once the procedure was all said and done, Kris just learned to accept it and has moved on. (It should be noted that even though she may not have been happy about it, she must have given permission, seeing as Kylie was only 17 when she started.)

"I got really upset, and then it was done, and I had to let it go," she added. "She's my kid; I love my kid. We make mistakes."

Kris also proudly confirmed that as their momager, she takes a standard 10 percent of her daughters' earnings. Just let that sink in for a minute -- if Kim, Kylie or any one of the sisters makes an appearance for $250,000, Kris goes home with a cool $25,000 just for getting them there. Not too shabby. 

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