Krispy Kreme Changes Name: Rapper Says Donut Company Claimed Copyright Infringement (VIDEO)

Krispy Kreme, a YouTube rapper with a Facebook following of over 219,000 fans, claims that he was informed by the popular donut chain Krispy Kreme that he must change his stage name for release of his first album.

"I have to change my rap name," the viral star said in the YouTube video above. "Krispy Kreme, the donut factory, called my dad's house, and they said I had to change my rap name because you can't just copy names like that. My dad said I did have to change my rap name, or I might get in a lot of trouble."

Krispy Kreme said that he plans to change his rap name to Jelly Bean Jack, although he later said on Facebook that he was considering changing his name to Froggy Fresh instead.

The Southern-sounding rapper first became a viral hit with his April video "The Baddest," which has amassed over 2.2 million YouTube hits. His youthful appearance and comically boastful lyrics caught the attention of fans across the Internet this year, and in November, he was featured as one of Mashable's 15 People Made Famous By The Internet.

In July, Slacktory discovered that Krispy Kreme is actually 21 year-old Michigan native Tyler Cassidy, who graduated as valedictorian of his high school in 2008, hinting that the "so bad it's good" rap videos from Krispy Kreme are an intentional prank.

As The Daily Dot pointed out, neither Cassidy nor the donut chain have publicly made any actual legal statement on the matter (Cassidy's level of seriousness is difficult to determine), so it's possible that the corporation either sent Cassidy a cease and desist letter, or he's simply preemptively avoiding a legal battle after the release of his album.

Musical acts who use preexisting names of people or things can wade intro tricky legal territory. Marshall Mathers opted to spell out his rap name, Eminem, in a likely move to avoid a lawsuit from Mars, Inc. over confusion with M&Ms. Also, Gnarls Barkley denied that their name had anything to do with the basketball player Charles Barkley.