Krispy Kreme And Ghirardelli Just Created The Ultimate Doughnuts

One is basically a giant Junior Mint.
04/03/2017 04:10pm ET

Filled doughnuts sometimes get a bad rap, but this new invention is stuffing us with glee.

Krispy Kreme has debuted two limited-edition doughnuts inspired by Ghirardelli’s filled chocolate squares, and they look magical.

The Sea Salt Caramel Doughnut is filled with salted caramel and dipped in chocolate icing with a caramel-chocolate drizzle. It’s topped with sugar, salt and chips of Ghirardelli chocolate, aka the best chocolate money can buy. The Mint Chocolate Doughnut, meanwhile, features a mint filling with chocolate icing, decorative green icing, chocolate chips and powdered sugar on top.

Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme's new treats sound basically like the doughnut versions of Milk Duds and Junior Mints.

Here’s what they look like IRL.

The doughnuts will be available at participating Krispy Kremes starting April 3. How dough-lightful.

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