Kristen Bell And Mila Kunis Play 'Never Have We Ever' With Their Famous Husbands

The foursome get candid on "Ellen."
Dax spilling some details. 
Dax spilling some details. 

Ellen DeGeneres knows how to make a memorable Mother's Day episode. 

The talk show host surprises guest stars Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis with a treat on Friday's show and invites their husbands, Dax Shepard and Ashton Kutcher, to crash their interview. Naturally, the two guys arrive with flowers in hand, backed by the sounds of Ginuwine's song "Pony." 

Of course, Ellen has a few tricks up her sleeve and gets the couples to play a raunchy game of "Never Have We Ever." No topic is off limits (handcuffs, hoarding, grooming) and things get very personal, very quickly:  

Welp, now we know a little bit more about their hygiene AND hook-up habits! Thanks, Ellen! 

The rest of the ladies' interview is also fairly personal, as Bell reveals she's probably done having kids (she and Shepard have two daughters already, Lincoln and Delta). 

"I feel like I would be too scattered," Bell says. "I’m already very scattered. So I can’t. Two of them. I got two eyes, two hands. I’m good." 

Kunis, who has one child with Kutcher, says she would "absolutely" like to have more kids. But, the conversation takes a raunchy turn when Ellen asks if Kunis and Kutcher are currently "trying."

"Like am I having sex, Ellen?" Kunis says, before Bell chimes in, asking her "Bad Moms" co-star, "How's the sex?" Oy! 

Watch the trailer for Bell and Kunis' new movie, "Bad Moms," below: 

“Bad Moms” hits theaters July 29. 



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