Kristen Bell's 'Beauty Routine' Now Includes A Breast Pump (PHOTO)

LOOK: Kristen Bell's 'New Backstage Beauty Routine'

Kristen Bell gave her Twitter followers a glimpse behind the scenes of the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday night, tweeting a picture of her "new backstage beauty routine."

No, it wasn't makeup or accessories -- it was a breast pump (perhaps the same one she posed with at her baby shower earlier this year).

To that, we say -- welcome to mommyhood, Kristen! Breast pumping in "weird places" is a routine to which many, many new moms -- international celebrities or not -- can relate, as some of her fans on Twitter pointed out.

The actress discussed baby Lincoln, new motherhood and (of course) her love of sloths in an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this Monday. She's not ready to share a picture of her daughter yet -- but she did give Ellen a description so the host could attempt an (unsurprisingly hilarious) illustration.

Bell also blogged about her hosting gig -- and her love of Nashville -- on HuffPost Wednesday.

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