Kristen Bell Says Her Daughter's Name Is A 'Big Bummer' Because Of The COVID-19 Variant

"Every time she hears anyone talk about the variant, she’s like, ‘My name!’ She’s still excited about it."

Kristen Bell’s daughter, Delta, is hearing her name an awful lot these days because of the coronavirus variant labeled delta.

The actor called the variant name a “big, big bummer” on her podcast, “We Are Supported By,” when co-host Monica Padman asked about the name situation.

“I’m really hoping that the delta variant won’t be as strong as the original COVID and people will still say corona,” Bell said on the podcast Wednesday. “I mean it’s a bummer for Corona, the beer company.”

But despite the newly negative connotation with the name, the “Veronica Mars” alum said her daughter has remained upbeat through it all.

“To be honest, she’s 6, so she’s impressed every time she sees a Delta Air Lines ad or anything,” Bell explained. “She’s like, ‘Oh, my gosh, my name!’ So every time she hears anyone talk about the variant, she’s like, ‘My name!’ She’s still excited about it.”

Both Bell and Padman said that because of Delta’s upbringing, the name situation might be “a good thing.”

“Her life’s really easy,” Padman joked. “She needs some adversity. She’s privileged.

“Because she’s privileged and she’s got a little charisma,” Bell added. “She’s a little ball of magic, and she gets away with everything because of that. So she can either give you puppy dog eyes or make you laugh, and because of that her life is too easy. So maybe she does need this to follow her around forever.”

Throughout the pandemic, Bell has kept followers informed about her family, even going as far as revealing that she and husband Dax Shepard were “at each other’s throats” at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

The actor told Chelsea Handler recently that their couple’s therapist, Harry, suggested separate therapy sessions so the two could “talk shit about each other.”

“We did, and it’s been great,” “The Good Place” entertainer said. “Currently, right now, what we’ve been doing the last couple of months is every two weeks or so, I’ll see Harry via Zoom and complain about Dax, and then he’ll give me all the reasons why I’m wrong and then Dax will do the same.”

“And then, by the time we meet up in the evening, we love each other again.”

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