Kristen Bell's Awkward Jay-Z And Dax Shepard Story Will Make You Cringe

"I don't think Jay was that interested," the "Good Place" actress said.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard may be A-listers, but that doesn’t stop them from losing it over the celebrities they admire. 

“The Good Place” actress stopped by First We Feast’s “Hot Ones” show with Sean Evans where she dropped some ethical gems and shared some awkward encounters. 

Bell told Evans all about her husband sitting next to Jay-Z at the Met Gala one year, which was a lifetime highlight for Shepard. For the rapper, not so much. 

“We went to the Met Gala a couple years ago and we were sitting right next to Jay-Z and Beyoncé,” Bell said, in an episode published Thursday. “When we found this out we were, forget it, we were so excited. And I was like, ‘Oh this is going to be great, finally after tonight, we’ll have them in our phones, and we’ll be best friends.’”

Things didn’t really go according to plan, as “Dax talked his ear off and I don’t think Jay was that interested.”

That didn’t stop Bell from being “proud” of her husband for talking “to the person you love.” (Something we’ll keep in mind if we ever see Bell or Shepard in the flesh).

But it appears the night got even more awkward, as Shepard took his fawning a little too far and started quoting Jay-Z to ... Jay-Z. 

“I think at one point he also hit him with a lyric,” Bell said. “I think he was like, ‘Real recognize real!’ And I was like, ‘Dax, Dax, don’t.’”

Shepard has told a version of the cringeworthy story before, sharing it during a stop by “The Late Late Show With James Corden” in April. 

After declaring himself “the number one Jay-Z fan in America,” Shepard spoke about meeting his “hero.” 

“I said to Kristen, ‘I hope he doesn’t mind hearing his own lyrics repeated back to him,’” Shepard said. “I gave Jay-Z what I would call the platinum package. Everything was on the table ― jokes, sincerity, admiration, you name it.”

The actor added, “I gave him like 120 percent and I promise you if we had bumped into each other in the bathroom mid-meal, he’d have no idea I was sitting at his table.” 

Shepard said he thought he was “like a roadblock to look at Kristen.” Bold! 

Bell is no stranger to fawning over the celebrities she loves, either. The actress met her idol, “Hamilton” creator and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, at San Diego’s Comic-Con in July. 

Just watch as she loses all sense of chill: