Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Team Up To Troll Tabloid Story About Their Marriage

The couple rose to the occasion when confronted by a fake story about Shepard's "addiction issues."

When the tabloids go low, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard get funny. 

Since nothing unites a celebrity couple more than a fake tabloid story (see: Lily Reinhart and Cole Sprouse), the “Veronica Mars” star and “Parenthood” alum teamed up to poke fun at a ridiculous rumor about how Shepard’s “addiction issues” have impacted their marriage. 

The actor, of course, has been open about his struggle with substance abuse prior to meeting Bell, with whom he now shares two children, Delta Bell, 4, and Lincoln, 6. 

Shepard shared a screenshot on Thursday of an email from Life & Style magazine asking for his comment on a story based on unnamed sources. 

“Sources tell Life & Style that Kristen and Dax have had problems in their marriage, including Dax’s addiction issues, but that they’re very happy now and are determined to make their marriage work,” the email read. 

In the caption, Shepard jokingly wrote, “DAMNIT! Who in the inner circled leaked?! I want names!”

“My ‘addiction issues’ are between me, my sponsor, and the 3-4 folks listening to me speak about it for four hours a week on my podcast!!!” he continued, referencing his popular podcast, “Armchair Expert.” “How dare you!!! Now if you will excuse me, I have a marriage to save … ”

Never one to resist a good joke, Bell also jumped in on the fun, quipping that she was the one who leaked the story about their marital hardships. 

“I’m sorry, hun, it was me. I’ve found that my most dependable friends have always been the sources at Life and Style,” she wrote in a comment on the post. “They are always there to listen when I need to vent about your @peakyblindersofficial addiction.”

She went on to “dare” him to respond to the email with only eggplant emojis.  

And even Shepard’s former “Parenthood” co-star Mae Whitman followed Bell’s lead in the comment section. 

“I’m sorry deedee,” she wrote. “I tried to drum up some drama for a little extra cash. I thought I had the most secret, most elite, most lucrative scoop!!!!!!! I guess I’ll just have to tell them about the packets of honey peanut butter you used to keep under your sink or how you guys have a giant tub of extra cozy clothes just for guests in case they’re chilly or uncomfortable #hotgoss #looselips #nutbutter.”

Shepard and Bell have a history of taking shots at the tabloids, blasting Star magazine last year over gossip about how the couple was engaging in “kinky” sex life to save their marriage. 

At the time, “The Good Place” star joked she’d “love to comment, but its hard to talk with this ball gag in!”

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