Kristen Bell Drops Some Ethical Gems She Learned On 'The Good Place'

The actress joined "Hot Ones" and rattled off her knowledge of philosophy and ethics.

We Kant deal with how epic this is.

Kristen Bell appeared on “Hot Ones” and attempted to answer questions while downing progressively spicier wings. The “Good Place” actress managed to school everyone in ethics when asked whether the show, which revolves around concepts of morality, steered her toward any kind of philosophy about how she lives her life.

“I’ve vacillated throughout my life thinking I was utilitarian because I do want the greater good,” she explained to host Sean Evans. “They believe that you have to do something for the greater good, even if it’s, ‘If I’ve got to push you off the cliff to save everyone in this room.’ A utilitarian would say, ‘Got to do it.’”

“Kantian would say, ‘Do the right thing in the moment, which is even if everyone else has to die, I have to save you. I will not push you off the cliff.’ And I find both of those really compelling arguments.”

Bell went on to describe moral particularism, a philosophy made popular by philosopher Jonathan Dancy.

“He describes moral particularism as the ability to vacillate between either of those two theories, and I think that’s where I land,” she said.

Well, damn. Bell deserves some frozen yogurt after that answer.

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