Kristen Bell Says She'd Come Back For 'Frozen 2' 'In A Heartbeat'

Just hours before the "Frozen" sequel was officially announced, Bell told HuffPost Entertainment how excited she would be for a full-length sequel. The actress said, "I certainly hope there will be a 'Frozen 2,'" adding, "Should my phone ring, I will be there in a heartbeat."

Nowadays, Bell is teaming up with Crest and Oral-B on a new line of "Frozen"-themed toothpaste and brushes in an effort to engage kids to have better oral health. In addition, the actress is currently reprising her role as Anna in the new short "Frozen Fever," which comes out Friday with "Cinderella." And, well, she just can't hold back her excitement anymore:

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What can fans expect from "Frozen Fever"?
I think it’s going to be just as good as the movie, except you only get 6 minutes of it. The song is fantastic that Bobby and Kristen Lopez wrote for the short. I certainly wish it was longer, but I think that they can expect the same quality and excitement from the characters that they did in the full-length film.

Is "Making Today a Perfect Day" the new "Let It Go"?
I don’t know that anything will be the new "Let It Go." You can’t mess with perfection. "Making Today a Perfect Day" is an awesome song, but "Let It Go," man, nothing can top it.

You've said your kids haven't seen "Frozen," but have they heard the songs?
Yes! Although, we listen to a lot more classic rock than we do Disney music in the household.

Have you and Adele Dazeem talked about, you know, "Adele Dazeem"?
We laughed about it initially after it happened because Adele (Idina Menzel) is such a good sport, and it was sort of, I guess, just something to giggle about right after it happened. There were never any hard feelings. It was just, "Well, that happened." So I kind of loved the fact that they presented together this year. I thought it was really sweet.

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In "Frozen," Anna gets engaged right away. Should anyone marry someone they just met?
I think it’s pretty ridiculous to marry someone that you don’t really know, period. I think that I wasn’t even married when we had our first kid. (NOTE: Bell is married to Dax Shepard). And I knew it was forever because we were already having a kid. I think marriage should be entered into when you’re pretty confident that there are no more surprises.

Do you want to build a snowman?
Always! And forever.

Have you built one since the movie?
Oh, yes! I have actually. I saw some show in Oregon this year, and I did build a little mini snowman.

What was Elsa doing in her room all those years?
Her nails? I have yet to figure it out. She wasn’t doing anything fun with me in the halls. I can tell you that much.

So she wasn't building snowmen without Anna?
She would never!

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Does the cold never bother you anyway?
I prefer the cold. Being from the Midwest, I actually prefer the chilly weather.

Will Olaf ever get a warm hug?
I hope not. I don’t think he realizes what will happen after that warm hug. I don’t think he realizes how dangerous warm hugs are.

What do you think about the theory that "Frozen," "Tarzan" and "The Little Mermaid" are connected?
I saw something about that online, some fan fiction page I think. I don’t know if that’s coming from Disney writers or just fans of the projects, but it's an interesting theory.

Do you have any insider info on that?
I wish I did. I could do some digging. I should do some digging!

What do you think about "Frozen" going to Broadway?
I’ll be there opening night whether I'm cast in the production or not. And what I mean by that is, I’ll be on stage whether I'm removed by security or not. I would love to be a part of it. I think it would be so much fun to do with the original cast since all five of us are Broadway veterans. So I'm really hoping that they ask us to be involved.

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Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

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