Kristen Bell's Kids Haven't Seen 'Frozen' Because They're Too Young

There are still two kids who haven't seen "Frozen": Kristen Bell's daughters, Lincoln and Delta.

Bell told Us Weekly that she hasn't let her kids see the film, in which she voices one of the lead characters, Anna. "The APA recommends that you let kids watch TV when they're 2 and a half, so we’re trying to follow that, which unfortunately is not realistic for all parents -- I understand, we’re shooting for the moon," she said.

According to Bell, her daughters with husband Dax Shepard, don't even know that she's an actor. "She couldn’t care less," she said about Lincoln, who turns 2 years old this month. Bell is, however, excited to show them the film, which draws heavily on themes of sisterhood. "One day when I show it to both my girls together, it will have significance to them and their dynamic. I’m really excited about that because I think it really says something really special about sisters."

Yet with all that said, Bell understands they might not get all that on first viewing. "I hope I don't show them the movie and they both go, 'Eh,'" Bell told People in a separate interview.

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