Kristen Bell And Lin-Manuel Miranda's Celebrity Meet Cute Is So Pure

The two crossed paths at San Diego Comic-Con and we'll never be the same.

It almost makes sense that Kristen Bell and Lin-Manuel Miranda had never met before because we truly didn’t know if a single room could contain that much charisma. 

And yet San Diego Comic-Con didn’t implode on Friday when the two finally crossed paths after stanning each other on the internet, and we’re all the better for it. 

Bell, who was in town to promote the new season of “Veronica Mars,” was first to spot the “Hamilton” mastermind, absolutely losing all semblance of chill and sharing her reaction on Instagram.

The actress was so excited she even dubbed Mirada as the “new sloth,” in reference to her well-documented love of the furry creature

Miranda caught on quickly, easily matching her level of enthusiasm. 

The fast friends then embraced and promptly gushed about their already-established love for each other.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever seen two total strangers scream ‘I Love You!!’ at each other across a crowded room but this is the picture we took right after we did that,” the “Mary Poppins Returns” star wrote of the duo’s selfie. 

Bell is, of course, a die-hard fan of Miranda’s Tony-winning musical, even posting a 2017 video of her singing a song from the production that, well, blew us all away. 

Now, all we need is an official collaboration and then we’ll let this go.