Kristen Bell Opens SAG Awards By Dragging Melania Trump

How IS that anti-cyberbullying thing coming along?
Kristen Bell arrives at the 2018 SAG Awards.
Kristen Bell arrives at the 2018 SAG Awards.

Kristen Bell opened the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards with a brutal dig at first lady Melania Trump

Bell, who dubbed herself the unofficial first lady of the SAG Awards because she’s the first person to ever host the ceremony, went after the anti-cyberbullying campaign Trump has said she’s championing during her time in the White House ― despite her husband’s controversial tweets. 

“I never thought I’d grow up to be the first lady, but you know what? I kinda like it,” the “Veronica Mars” actress said on stage. 

“I think my first initiative as first lady will be cyberbullying,” she added, to much laughter from the audience. “Because I have yet to see any progress made on that problem quite yet.”  

Bell went on to offer some stirring words about Hollywood’s recent reckoning with sexual assault and harassment. She has been a vocal supporter of the Time’s Up movement, which was launched earlier this year and aims to secure gender and racial parity across all industries. 

“Everyone’s story deserves to be told, especially now,” she said. “We are living in a watershed moment and as we march forward with active momentum and open ears, let’s make sure that we’re leading the charge with empathy and with diligence because fear and anger never win the race.”

The “The Good Place” star ended her speech on a lighter note, teasing that the next installment of the fan-favorite “Frozen” franchise will indeed be hitting theaters in 2019. 

Watch a clip of her opening below: 



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