Kristen Bell's Body Of Lies: Funny Or Die Uncovers Actress' Secret Tattoos (VIDEO)

Kristen Bell may be starring in a new TV series called "House of Lies," but apparently the lying applies to off-set too.

It turns out there's stuff in her personal life -- or about her personal appearance, more specifically -- that she's been hiding from her fans her entire career, and Funny Or Die discovered it after sitting down with her recently: she's covered in dumb tattoos. Like, really, really stupid ones.

And we know you love your commemorative portrait on your bicep and the inspiring phrase inked on your inner wrist, but we're pretty sure few people would get anything as goofy as Bell's 223 tats.

So if you ever considered getting Steve Urkel vs. Stefan Urquelle dueling back tattoos, check out this video before making up your mind.