'50 Shapes Of Grey,' Exercise Program Based On 'Fifty Shades Of Grey,' Works Out All The Kinks

WATCH: '50 Shapes Of Grey' Exercise Program Works Out The Kinks

It's no stretch to say that '50 Shades Of Grey' has permeated all parts of pop culture, but now a fitness expert is muscling in with a workout based on the book's steamy sex scenes.

Kristen James, a New York-based exercise guru, calls her randy workout "50 Shapes Of Grey" -- get it? -- and it utilizes moves that will help people of all levels of fitness work out all their body's kinks in order to act out the book's kinky encounters.

There are 13 "sexercises" with titles like "bend-over-better," "sexy scissors," and "seductive squat," all of which which, she said, will translate to better, bolder sex, Ana and Christian style, the New York Daily News reported.

The routine isn't exactly like the book. As a reporter for The Katie Couric Show discovered, James has her clients do some routines on their tippie-toes, probably because, understandably, doing them in stilettos is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The S&M-inspired routines may put the "core" in hardcore, but, James said, the workouts not only help you lean out and get strong, they will bring the self-confidence you need for a '50 Shades'-style bedroom session, FitnessMagazine.com reported.

The article's writer couldn't help but add: "Because the first thing you think about when you read the book is, 'Wow, she must have a great core!"

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