Kristen Schaal Perfectly Mocks The Dad Bod Trend

Kristen Schaal Perfectly Mocks The Dad Bod Trend

The dad bod has recently become a trending topic, and Kristen Schaal is celebrating with just the right amount of sarcasm.

During an appearance on "The Daily Show," the actress and comedian spoke up about the double standard that comes with the rising popularity of the dad bod.

"What a great day for men," she said. "It’s time society finally accepted that a man’s body changes when he has kids."

Schaal continued praising the acceptance of the dad bod with a thick coat of sarcasm, adding that the trend will help men cope with unrealistic body expectations.

"And women are lining up at the dad bod buffet, which is great news because now you don’t have to worry about magazines like this shoving an impossible body image down your throat," she said as she held up a fitness magazine with a man on the cover.

Sound familiar? We thought so.

To be fair, Schaal made sure to point out that mom bods have gotten their time in the spotlight, too -- at least if you're a celebrity "mom-shell" who quickly shed the baby weight.

"We’re already obsessed with mom bods or at least how fast moms can get rid of them," she said.

Nailed it.

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