Kristen Schaal Valiantly Stands For Manspreaders On 'The Daily Show'

Kristen Schaal Valiantly Stands For Manspreaders

Kristen Schaal just "defended" manspreaders -- and it was pretty much perfect.

In a Jan. 28 episode of "The Daily Show," Schaal put the manspreading debate to bed in a segment titled "The War On Ballsacks." Manspreading -- when men take up too much space on the subway -- has become a hot topic of late. Even the NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority began to address the issue with a new campaign encouraging people to be more courteous on the subways.

But Schaal has had enough of this discriminations against dude genitals.

As "The Daily Show's" Senior Women's Correspondent, the actress and comedian took matters into her own hands and stood up for the poor men who are being forced to take up just one measly seat on the subway. She explained it perfectly, telling Stewart, "Do the math! Men make 30 percent more than women, they should have 30 percent more space on the ride to work!" Um, duh.

Schaal is so sweet that she even apologized to Stewart's balls for the small amount of space they're now allotted when riding the subway. What a gal.

She finished by arguing that women should be attracted to the manly men who take up double the space when they sit: "When I'm in a subway car with all those men taking charge of the seats around them, I get so weak in the knees I can barely stand… but I have to."

*Mic drop*

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