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Kristen Stewart Dumped From Balenciaga Florabotanica Campaign? (VIDEO)

We think it's safe to say that Kristen Stewart is not having the best summer ever. After the release of incriminating cheating photos and an awkward exchange of public statements apologizing for the affair, it looks she may have destroyed another one of her longstanding relationships: her partnership with Balenciaga.

The 22-year-old actress landed her first major fragrance deal this year when she signed on to be the face of Balenciaga's Florabotanica. Kristen has been a long-time fan of the brand, attending high-profile fashion shows and wearing the house's designs on the red carpet. But has her embarrassing affair put a dent in their fashion friendship?

The brand released the video for Florabotanica, and it's decidedly Kristen Stewart-less. Considering how much brands pay to get a celebrity to shill their products, omitting the campaign's star from the video seems like quite the statement-making choice.

Could it be that Balenciaga doesn't quite approve of K Stew's extra-curricular activities? Or maybe the brand wanted to highlight the fragrance? Either way, it looks like Balenciaga effectively distanced itself from the scandal by opting to leave Kristen's footage on the cutting room floor.

Do you think Balenciaga dropped Kristen Stewart? Check out the Florabotanica video and tell us what you think:

UPDATE: The Cut confirmed that the video was released July 19, one week before the incriminating photos were released.

Check out some celebrities who've managed to hold on to their endorsement deals. Here's hoping, Kristen!

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