Kristen Stewart Fears Attack: Actress Worried Someone Will Murder Her With The Help Of Twitter

Kristen Stewart Worried Someone Will Murder Her With The Help Of Twitter

It's no secret that Kristen Stewart isn't a big fan of fame, but the actress reportedly worries it will be the death of her.

The 22-year-old is convinced that thanks to social media platforms, others have the ability to know where she is at all times, and she's afraid that information will fall into the hands of the wrong people, reports TVNZ.

"Nowadays it's harder because everyone is on Facebook and everyone knows where you are all the time, and everyone's twittering," she is quoted as saying in author Talia Soghomonion's e-book, "Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner - In Their Own Words."

"Like I'm going to die because somebody is going to say where I am and somebody is going to kill me. Someone's going to Twitter my location and then it's going to be like, boom," she explained.

Neither the "Twilight" actress, nor her (maybe) boyfriend Robert Pattinson, has an official Twitter account or Facebook page, which might in part be due to her fear (and the fact that some "Twilight" fans seem slightly unhinged), but she admits the ability to connect online is "really great."

"I actually think too much of anything can be scary, but at the same time it's also an opportunity. I mean mass communication is a good thing. It's actually a really great thing, it's just scary," she explained.

It's true that Twitter can become a GPS for tracking celebrities, but this isn't the first time Stewart has complained about the Internet ruining her life:

"You can Google my name and one of the first things that comes up is an image of me sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe with my ex-boyfriend [Michael Angarano] and my dog. It was [taken] the day ["Twilight"] came out. I was no one. I was a kid. I had just turned 18," she told Vanity Fair in June. "In [the tabloids] the next day it was like I was a delinquent slimy idiot, whereas I'm kind of a weirdo, creative Valley Girl who smokes pot. Big deal. But that changed my daily life instantly. I didn't go out in my underwear anymore."

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