Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson 'Twilight' Press Tour: Actors Talk Voting, Sex Toys & More On Late Night TV

The late night interviews are part of their worldwide press tour for "Breaking Dawn: Part 2," and it's clear both actors are going to kind of, sort of miss the film franchise and everything attached to it, but also are looking forward to the next step in their respective careers.

The films have launched both of them into stardom, leaving very few places where they aren't hounded in public and because of this, Stewart expressed her fondness for Japan because fans tend to give her more space once they recognize her.

"I just got back from Tokyo, and it is an entirely different way ... people recognize you and they maybe come closest five feet and are just like [make a shocked facial expression] ... I really, really dig that," she explained.

The 22-year-old actress revealed it was in Tokyo that she picked up the creepy translucent mask she wore this Halloween, as well as a couple other items.

"I was a store that sold absolutely everything you could imagine. There were masks next to sex toys, next to like, fish-flavored Tootsie rolls, and I bought it all," she told Leno.

Meanwhile, Pattinson was his typically personable self on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and as it was the night before the presidential election, Kimmel wanted to get a bit political with the British actor.

When asked if he was getting caught up in the excitement of the election, Pattinson, who isn't eligible to vote as he's a not a U.S. citizen, replied, "I don't like any kind of responsibility. I would vote for people like me to not be able to vote."

Pattinson also revealed that President Obama had just won the election in 2008 when he was starting his first "Twilight" press tour.

"When Obama won last time, I was doing press for the first 'Twilight.' I didn't know what was going on. Everyone was screaming on the streets of New York."

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson