Kristen Stewart Gives Brief Reply To People Who Hated Her In A Jockstrap

The "Love Lies Bleeding" star vented on "The Late Show" over another daring fashion choice and got bleeped.

Kristen Stewart, who’s been pushing boundaries with her wardrobe, went too far with language censors on Monday’s “Late Show.” (Watch the video below.)

In a conversation about the actor’s recent Rolling Stone cover in which she shoves her hand down a jockstrap she’s wearing, Stewart offered a hearty bleeped-out “Fuck you!” to those who disapproved.

Host Stephen Colbert applauded her for it and even shook her hand.

Colbert had introduced the photo and told Stewart that CBS did not want him to show it. He then summed up conservative backlash to it with one tweet on X that said, “Rolling Stone turns Kristen Stewart into a MAN to push gender ideology on its readers.”

“So scary!” the “Love Lies Bleeding” star said facetiously.

Stewart told Colbert that the right’s discomfort stemmed from the pic’s “overt acknowledgment of female sexuality .... that is annoying for people who are sexist and homophobic.”

“But fuck you!” she sniped later, adding, “but I never will!” after a delay.

“I think that’s why they’re mad at you,” Colbert riffed.

Fast-forward to 4:10 for the Rolling Stone cover conversation:

Stewart also defended the cover photo at the Berlin Film Festival, where “Love Lies Bleeding” screened.

The “Twilight” alum hasn’t let the criticism thwart her fashion sense. She showed up at a stateside premiere last week in essentially a thong bodice with sheer tights ― and rocked it.

Kristen Stewart at the "Love Lies Bleeding" premiere in Los Angeles.
Kristen Stewart at the "Love Lies Bleeding" premiere in Los Angeles.
Michael Buckner via Getty Images

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