Kristen Stewart For Vogue Italia: High Fashion Goth (PHOTOS)

We're not big "Twilight" followers, but we were under the impression that it was Rob Pattinson, not Kristen Stewart, who played the role of the vampire.

But Stewart must have been inspired, because her most recent photoshoot for Vogue Italia has her looking quite vampiric with pale skin and a dark look.

Shot by Michelangelo de Battista, the images catch Stewart in "Snow White" mode, as she's currently filming a new film version of the fairy tale. She tells the magazine about her new hair:

"These are extensions. My hair is shorter, it's more or less shoulder-length. This is not my natural color. Since I started acting I have never had by natural color, which is light brown. But it's fine, it's funny seeing yourself look different."

She also admits the severe clothing style is not her first choice, either:

"I would love to wear more feminine clothes, but in my daily life, when I'm home in Los Angeles, I opt for comfy clothes. When I'm away, like in this case, I throw in my suitcase clothes of all kinds, also evening dresses, because I may have the chance to wear them... Although I carry many different choices with me, I always end up wearing a tank top, jeans and sneakers."

That's the laid-back Kristen we know.