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Kristen Stewart's Photoshop Disaster Glamour Cover

We loved this Kristen Stewart cover from the November issue of Glamour so much that we didn't even realize something REALLY crucial about the photo, which the Daily Mail pointed out: girlfriend's missing an arm.

On the cover, Stewart poses prettily in a pink bustier and jeans, but, wait...where is her left arm going?

This isn't the first time an airbrusher has gotten over-enthusiastic on a Kristen photo shoot. February's Vogue spread retouched her into someone blonder and with a creepily pointy nose. In April 2010, Stewart had a mole ADDED onto her face by Slovakian magazine called EVA.

Inside the pages of Glamour, however, Stewart gives some great relationship advice: "Don't be an asshole," she says. That's my advice. Don't be mean. Don't take sh*t. Dont settle," she said.