Kristen Stewart's Unfair Death Threats on Twitter

Kristen Stewart's Unfair Death Threats on Twitter
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In case you have been too busy reading the news about world events, the election, weather catastrophes, you might have missed that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson! I know, I know, important stuff here. Let me fill you in on the details. A 22-year-old girl cheated on her boyfriend with a married man. The man in question is Rupert Sanders, the director of her last film, Snow White and the Huntsman. This is pretty scandalous, not to mention tacky to be the other woman with someone who has two kids and wife. But does this girl really owe the world a public apology for what she did?

In today's media climate, being a celebrity means that your life is on display as much as your work. We don't just judge people's talents, but also the personal brand they create for themselves. Their persona impacts their career just as much as their ability. It is hard to empathize with celebrities for having their dirty laundry (including their underwear) displayed for the world to sniff, because this what they signed up for. They get all their successes promoted to millions of people, so inevitably their failures will be just as interesting, if not more so. But there is something absurd about tearing apart a young woman because of her sexcapades.

What I find most alarming is that females are the ones who are truly fuming over this act of betrayal. Kristen is getting death threats on Twitter from thousands of enraged girls! This is an example of an actual tweet sent to Kristen.

"Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert with her director...WTF! *loads and cocks gun* Imma kill that bitch :/"

Girls are losing their minds with fury that Kristen would do such a thing. But are they really mad at Kristen's behavior, or just that she is with Rob at all? I think the true anger comes from the fact that they aren't rich and famous, with a rich famous boyfriend. Everyone could adore Rob and Kristen as a couple because they represented an ideal, something girls could wish for. But now Kristen has become easy to hate, for she is not only dating Rob, but also has the audacity to treat him like a *gasp* regular guy! How dare she!?

Lets be fair. Kristen wasn't married with kids. That was *his* problem. Kristen is a 22-year old with a boyfriend. Committed relationships are boring, especially when you are young. You want to be adventurous, take risks, and follow passion. Before this I was never really a fan of Kristen, (mainly because she is way more successful than I -- and that makes me feel threatened and inadequate), but I feel that branding her with the scarlet letter is hypocritical.

People cheat, especially young beautiful insanely rich people. There are countless stories about men being cheaters, and most of them are married with children. Kobe Bryant, Jude Law, Tiger Woods, Hugh Grant, Eddie Murphy... Kristen didn't rape anyone or illegally pay for sex. She got caught up with the director/actress affair fantasy. She is a young person who made a mistake, like most of us who have lived a life worth talking about. I hope that all the people sending Kristen death threats on twitter will realize that what Kristen did is a feminist act. See, women can be sexual predators too!

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