Kristen Wiig Reportedly In Talks To Play The Villain In 'Wonder Woman' Sequel

The "SNL" alum would play nemesis Cheetah.

Hera, give us strength.

Kristen Wiig is being considered to play a villain named Cheetah in the follow-up to 2017′s blockbuster “Wonder Woman,” Deadline reports. The untitled sequel is set to take place during the Cold War era of the 1980s. 

Cheetah first appeared in Wonder Woman No. 6 in October 1943. In the issue, the character Priscilla Rich is upstaged by Wonder Woman at a social event. Her jealousy causes her to develop an enraged alter ego known as Cheetah, and she becomes a lifelong nemesis of Wonder Woman.

Marvel and DC Comics regularly try to add comedy to their films, so Wiig ― long known for playing goofy characters on “Saturday Night Live” ― might make a perfect complement to the serious title character played by Gal Gadot.