Kristen Wiig Talks Leaving 'SNL' On Alec Baldwin Podcast (AUDIO)

Kristen Wiig spoke to Alec Baldwin on Monday's episode of his WNYC podcast "Here's the Thing," and did nothing to stop the rumors that the Oscar-nominated "Saturday Night Live" cast member will leave the show when her contract is over at the end of this season.

Baldwin, who has appeared with Wiig on "SNL" in four episodes, interviewed Wiig about her early days in art school and The Groundlings on his show. About 30 minutes in, he pivoted the conversation to asking her about moving on from the show that made her famous. In response to Baldwin's question of whether her time on "SNL" is "winding down," Wiig paused, before finally responding, "I don't know."

"Everyone has to leave," Wiig said, neither confirming nor denying the rumors that she will leave the show after the end of the current season. "I will say that when I do leave it’s not because I'm sick of it and not because I see something better or anything like that. It’s just that it’s time." If she does exit, Wiig's run on the show will have lasted seven seasons.

Leaving the show would be an unsurprising move for Wiig, who made history as the first "SNL" cast member to be nominated for an Oscar (Best Original Screenplay for "Bridesmaids") while still in the cast of the NBC sketch show. She has maintained a steady film career while concurrently acting on "SNL" each week, boasting plenty of supporting roles in films before her breakout movie "Bridesmaids," which she wrote and starred in.

Baldwin joked that Wiig would have no problem finding work -- and based on her upcoming films, he's right. She told him that her next film, "Imogene," has been completed, and has a few more projects lined up as well. She expressed a desire to star in more dramatic roles and to direct films in the future.

While gossip of Wiig's imminent departure has long been bubbling, last week Us Weekly published the rumor that Wiig would leave the show soon, along with fellow veteran cast members Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg. While the exit of the trio would be unsurprising, as their contracts are up at the end of this season and their limited onscreen presences seem to indicate focus on non-"SNL" priorities, a source close to the show has emphasized that no official contractual or casting decisions will be made until the end of the summer.

To listen to Wiig's "Here's the Thing," download or stream the podcast on WYNC's website, or listen to the full show below.