'SNL' Does The Best Parody Of Christine O'Donnell's 'Not A Witch' Ad Yet (VIDEO)

Parodies of Christine O'Donnell's "I'm not a witch, I'm you" campaign ad have been all over the Internet lately, but Kristen Wiig's interpretation on last night's "Saturday Night Live" was the best we've seen yet.

Wiig's impression of the Delaware Senate candidate was just as spot-on as it was in the season premiere, and she makes O'Donnell's "not a witch" argument more and more ridiculous as the bit goes on.

Surely O'Donnell isn't a sorceress who emigrated from the Black Forest of Germany 3,000 years ago, or else why wouldn't she just cast a spell so everyone forgets the entire scandal? As Wiig says, it's definitely not because you need one newt per person and she "lacks a sufficient number of newts." Nope, it's definitely not that.