Kristen Wiig Slays At Impersonating Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher

Right down to JoJo's borderline obsession with fixing her hair.

During a week of nonstop “Ghostbusters” promotion, Kristen Wiig hilariously switched things up by appearing as Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon.

Appearing in a gold sparkling gown almost identical to Fletcher’s iconic first episode dress, Wiig attempted to answer Fallon’s “Bachelorette” questions despite her very limited knowledge about the show.

“The fantasy suites? That’s where I go on dates, and we close the door. Sometimes we kiss a little,” joked Wiig.

When asked about her “relationship” with Ben Higgins, Wiig said they don’t talk anymore because Higgins is secretly married. She then attempted to name all of the current Bachelorette contestants and improvised nicknames for the men.

“Oh, Mark Hamill,” said Wiig of frontrunner Jordan Rodgers. “I call him Mark Hamill; because he reminds me of ‘Star Wars.’ He looks exactly like Luke Skywalker.” 

“I will never see a ‘Star Wars’ movie,” said Wiig. “I am against any type of war in space.”  

Wiig and Fallon also performed an improvised song called, “Ghost, Will You Accept This Rose?” which, if it were up to us, would have absolutely been the new “Ghostbusters” theme song. 

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