'SNL:' Kristen Wiig Crashes NBC's 'Sound Of Music' Live Performance

Look Who Crashed 'SNL'

"Saturday Night Live" opened this weekend's show with a condensed version of NBC's "Sound of Music" live broadcast last week. But despite the mixed reviews that the special inspired, the "SNL" version proved that it could have been far, far odder.

Kristen Wiig, who left "SNL" in 2012, made a surprise appearance as her big-foreheaded character Denise (or Dooneese, or Judice... the jury seems to be out on her name) sitting in as one of the Von Trapp children with a special penchant for acting out inappropriate behavior. Watch as she makes Maria (Kate McKinnon) and Captain Von Trapp (Taran Killam) get increasingly weirded out as she injects stories about a fish that went up her skirt in the middle of Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical numbers, before the sketch is closed out by another recently departed "SNL" cast member, Fred Armisen.

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