Kristen Wiig Officially Joining Cast For 'Wonder Woman 2'

Director Patty Jenkins has confirmed the news.

Kristen Wiig will play the villain in the next “Wonder Woman” movie, director Patty Jenkins confirmed Friday.

Reports surfaced last week that the comedian was being considered for the role of Cheetah, a villain who first appeared in Wonder Woman No. 6 back in October 1943.

When the character Priscilla Rich is upstaged by Wonder Woman at a social event, her jealous rage creates an alter ego known as Cheetah. She becomes a lifelong nemesis of Wonder Woman.

There’s no word yet on how closely the film will follow the comics, but Wiig is sure to be entertaining in the role. And if you can’t quite picture Wiig as the villain, one artist on Twitter already whipped up some concept art of the actor in full Cheetah mode.